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photo a day for daddy

Hey guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed an overload of photos of Fletch on there.  Now there is a reason for this.  Since his daddy has been away I have been sending him a photo of Fletcher every day via Facebook (he's in Oman for 6 weeks with the RAF in case you were wondering).  I am so excited as he comes home next week. The last 5 weeks have actually flown by and I cannot wait for Dylan to see how much Fletch has changed in that time because believe me he really has, especially his little personality, he's such a happy baby and we had a proud mama moment yesterday when he rolled over for the first time.  Saying that though, its not all sunshine and rainbows, I've had rather a few restless nights of late whilst he's had a cold and what with the growth spurt he had a couple of weeks ago.  But all he has to do is smile at me and forget how tired I am.  Here's a few of my favourite photos that i've sent so far **I didn't want to bore you with all 38 of them, although 20 is still rather excessive**
Keep Smiling


  1. Oh my days. Fletcher is flipping gorgeous! So happy and smiley, just like his beautiful Mummy xx

  2. in love with Fletcher!!! such a cutie! God bless....and u look amazing xoxox

  3. OMG Sam! These are all amazing!!!!!

  4. He's such a cutie :) I bet Dylan has been loving a photo a day, such a great way of watching Fletcher grow and keeping memories of his gorgeous smile. You are such a lucky mum :D

  5. He is so adorable! I love his little smile.x


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