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pleated skirt depleted mum

Pleated skirt-primark/Black tee-primark/Lipstick-MAC So Chaud

I have been one tired mama these last couple of days.  Fletcher has been going through a growth spurt which  basically means he wants to eat constantly and if he's not eating he's screaming.  It also affected his bedtime routine, in that he just didn't want to sleep.  Thankfully these little growth spurts only last a day or two and he got over it just in time for his second batch of injections.......just to add more fuel to the fire.  The poor little mite ended up with a bit of a temperature but I can safely say he is acting his usual self today. Amen to that.  

We went off to our weekly group for breastfeeding mums today and Fletcher was smiling and cooing at all the ladies, he's such a little charmer............just like his daddy.

Keep Smiling


  1. You look amazing! Going to have a look for this skirt when I'm next in my Primark xx

  2. your style is effortless !


  3. You look totally stunning! x


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