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a Lidl goes a long way

The last couple of weeks I've been doing my weekly food shop at Lidl for a change and I just want to mention a few amazing products that I picked up.  First up is Cien night cream, this has had really great reviews and as i've just ran out of my regular night cream I thought I would give this a go.  I can't comment on how well it works as I've only used it once but it smells really nice and feels really moisturising. Next is the Chanel Coco  Mademoiselle dupe, Suddenly Madame Glamour, a lot of bloggers have already mentioned this fantastic fragrance and it seriously does smell just like Chanel but for the bargain price of  £3.99, this is a great "throw in the handbag" perfume.

A few other products that deserve a mention are their jaffa cakes - they seem somewhat posher than the McVitie kind, although they do taste completely different, I kinda like em.  And also their nappies are brilliant and bargainous and manage to keep in the contents of Fletcher's explosive bum.  Sorry TMI :-)

Keep Smiling


  1. Thanks for the tips, especially the perfume. I love Lidl, but I have to go alone cos the bf is a bit of a brand snob! Some of their food is amazing - especially the cheapo chocolate!


    1. Haha, I must admit I used to be a bit of a brand snob but I'm all about the cheaper options these days, especially as they taste the same if not better. And I'm totally with you on the cheapo chocolate.....amazing!x

  2. Lol reading this has given me a serious craving for jaffa cakes!!!



  3. I think I'm a bit addicted to lemon San Pellegrino. I have to have a can everywhere is see it. I do dare buy it from the supermarket coz I would drink it all at once. I also find Aldi quite good for skin care, pimms and chocolate.


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