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thats life

 crash and burn

Well my darling husband has been back from Oman for over a week now and today he had to go back to work so i'm back to being a single mama for 4 days, this sucks because for the last 4 nights Fletcher has been waking up in the middle of the night crying inconsolably for hours and I had my first mama meltdown yesterday.

I'm a great believer in keeping positive and filling my life with happiness but Its so horrible when your baby is crying and you have no idea what is wrong, I burst into tears in the kitchen and then started the whole "I'm such a bad mother because I don't know whats wrong with him", and although I was really upset I know it was just the tiredness taking over and if i'm honest it felt really good to just cry and Dyl was the perfect husband and said all the right things whilst wiping my tears away.  Sooooooo after all that crying and a better nights sleep last night I felt like a new woman this morning and I've spent the day with my mum chatting, walking and pureeing vegetables for Fletcher, perfect mother and daughter time.  If I can be just an ounce as good as a mum as my own mother I will be happy.

Keep Smiling

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  1. Oh crikey sounds like you've had a tough time of it I'm glad you've come round the other side and are feeling positive again!



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