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an ugg alternative - slippers

You know your an old married couple when you ask for sheepskin slippers for your anniversary present.  Dylan bought me these Wombat sheepskin slippers from Amazon.  I have wanted a pair of decent hard wearing slippers for such a long time.  I don't know if any of you guys are like me but I pretty much live in slippers and i'm terrible for wearing them outside also {not to the shops or anything just out in the garden, bringing the washing in etc} so they needed to have a nice hard sturdy sole to them.  I had my eye on THIS PAIR by Ugg but just couldn't justify spending £70 on slippers so after having a good look around the interwebs I found THESE little beauties for £43 and I actually think they look nicer.  I love how fluffy and soft they are, I highly recommend.  Now pass me my blanket and a cup of cocoa :-)

Keep Smiling


  1. Oh my word! They look amazing! x

  2. these are amazing, if I had them I don't think I would want to leave the house because it would mean I would have to take them off! Haha


  3. these look so fluffy and comfy! My mam has a similar emu pair and she loves them there warn to pieces!xx

  4. I have wanted some Ugg slippers for so long. Hmm.. might have to check out that link! x

  5. I love them. I got the ugg ones last year, black with charcoal grey sheepskin trim. I got them on a really good deal from asos, think it was a one day thing but ended up paying only £40ish, they have held up really well :)

  6. I am just about to buy these and was worried about the size and stretching. Is the size the same as you would have bought in a shoe thanks Monica

    1. Yes Im a shoe size 5 1/2 and ordered the 6, I would say they fit more like a 5 1/2 though and so far I have no stretching to report and they still look just as good as new x


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