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a mans best friend

I want to touch on the subject of household pets today.  There is so much to consider when buying a pet, it's a massive commitment and is not to be taken lightly.  Maisy is my West Highland White Terrier and she turns 6 this year {I can't believe she is getting so old now}.  With any animal it's so important to have pet insurance more-so now that she is "getting on a bit".  We got Maisy insured the day we brought her home and so far we've never had to use it but there will more than likely come a time when we will need it and I would hate to not be able to afford the vets fees.

In addition to having Maisy insured we also got her chipped and then got her neutered because we never had any plans to breed her.  She has yearly booster jabs, regular worming and flea drops, she wears her name on  her collar with our telephone number on it and every 8-10 weeks she gets a wash and cut at the groomers.  Throw in some walks, treats and toys and we have ourselves a happy hound.  We also have a dog flap at our back door so she is free to run around the garden as she pleases.

Westies are renowned for having skin conditions and for this reason we have always fed her hypoallergenic kibble {James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice is her favourite} and we are yet to see any skin complaints.  Maisy sleeps in our kitchen on an orthopaedic bed {purely because there is no fluff in it for her to pull out}.

So there you have it, that's our little story about Maisy.  There's a lot to think about when buying a dog but its totally worth it for all the love you get back :-)

Keep Smiling


  1. Awe Maisy is so sweet. I used to have a wee westie called Ben he was awesome. Westies have such a great wee character xo

  2. Awwh Maisy is adorable! I have a westie called Rosie and she turned 11 this year which is just crazy, she suffers with her skin quite a bit but I think if my Mum didn't have pet insurance for her then we wouldn't be able to afford the vet bills! xx

  3. She's gorgeous! I would love to get a dog but live in a flat at the moment so can't wait to get a place with a garden with lots of room for a dog to run around in!

  4. Maisy is the sweetest thing! Our next-door neighbour had a Westie called Mickey for a long time. When he died she got THREE more! They're wonderful dogs.

  5. Awww she's gorgeous, sadly our dog just passed away, but she had a long and happy life and lived to the age of 12 :-)

  6. i have a westie to, they're adorable, and dogs really are our best friends :)



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