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back to business

Top-Dorothy Perkins/Jeans-Topshop Baxter/Espadrilles-LoveClothing
Hair-Large Donut from Claires
Its September and it's finally hit me that my maternity leave is coming to an end.  I officially go back to work in October but I am taking another month of annual leave which takes me up to 5 November.  I really thought I would be ready to go back to work by now but I've got to be honest I'm not, I love being at home with my son doing mum things like attending mummy groups, baby yoga, swimming for babies {still need to post those underwater photo's don't I} and generally just not having that Sunday night feeling.  But if I don't work I wont be able to afford to buy lovely things for my little, sooooo hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go.  The good news is I'm only going back part time so i'll be in work for 3 days and home for 4, I think I can live with that.

On a lighter note, were going on our first family holiday next week to Snowdonia for 4 days which i'm rather excited about.  I just need to start packing, where do I even start on packing for Fletcher? HELP!

Keep Smiling

Do you have any tips on packing for trips with a little? Are there any key items I should pack or leave at home?

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  1. Hi! Love this outfit :)

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