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ha ha ha ha stayin' alive

I love this dress

get your groove on

rocking all over the world 
hair bow
Last night Dylan and I went to a friends 30th birthday party.  It was 70s theme and was one of those party's that I wasn't really all that fussed about going to and thought I would probably leave early {you know when your just not really feeling it} but low and behold it turned out to be a cracking night.  It was held in a marquee and was decked out with balloons, fairy lights and hay thrown all over the floor **keeping it real Westcountry style** and everyone made such an effort with their costumes, it looked awesome and my feet didn't leave the dance floor all night.  It felt so good to get my groove on and dance with my husband {something we don't really do so much anymore}.

The weather was treacherous outside but it didn't put a dampener on our spirits and everyone had a great time {The 70s really was a great decade for music}.  We left at about midnight with a couple of pasties from the buffet and Dylan told me that I drove like a granny all the way home haha, there was a lot of water on the road so I had to be extra careful.  It always feels so good to get home, take your shoes off, put your PJ's on, take your make up off and stare at your baby for a few minutes though :-)

Keep Smiling


  1. You definitely don't look like you've had a baby fairly recently! The dress it really cute :) x

  2. Looks like fun! I love the outfit xx


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