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monday musings

**Last week I bit the bullet and bought a walker for Fletcher.  I vowed that I would never buy one because they are gigantic, ugly, plastic monstrosities and I much prefer wooden toys, but this is perfect for putting him in whilst I get myself showered and ready in the mornings, and it folds down flat and isn't *shiny shiny plastic*

**We had a lovely family day out to the Blue Reef Aquarium last Tuesday.  Fletcher loved all the different sea creatures.  My favourites were the jellyfish,  I could stare at them all day they are so mesmerising.

**We've had boiler issues this week.  Our central heating hasn't been working properly for years so after 3 separate visits over 3 days from British Gas and 4 hours of labour its finally fixed and I'm going to celebrate by putting the heating on tonight

**Dylan's making really slow progress on the bathroom.  He started it when Fletcher was 2 weeks old and I joked that it wouldn't be finished by Christmas.  Turns out I may be right.  He's hit so many problems and only being home at the weekends makes it really difficult especially as he wants to spend time with his son.  We'll get there eventually though and I promise to show you all pictures when it is complete.

Keep Smiling

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