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Every weekend Dylan and I take it in turns to have a lie-in.  Today was my lie-in..............

As I lay there with a sleepy head all wrapped up in my duvet, head squished right into the pillow I closed my eyes to get an extra few minutes but I couldn't help but listen to the sounds that filled the house.  Sounds that were never there this time last year.  Baby babble, music from toys, dog and baby play, wooden blocks being knocked on the door, tiny feet pounding up and down the hallway, baby giggles the sound of FAMILY!!  The most beautiful sound I have ever heard, so I lay there awake for a while and just enjoyed the sound of MY family. I feel so lucky to have these guys in my life.

Keep Smiling


  1. I love hearing Thomas playing with his daddy when I'm having a well deserved lie in.
    Love the pics with the doggy they look like best friends

  2. This is lovely! Love the last picture :)

    Beth - Sans Souci

  3. Aw, how sweet :).

    Sadie x


  4. This is a beautiful post
    Enjoy every moment :)

  5. I love being in a different room and listening to Tom and Rosie talking away in another!!! So cute! XoX


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