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love is in the air

Last Thursday I was woken early, not by the baby but by the sound of rustling as husband placed a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the bed along with a box of Thorntons chocolates and a card.  He informed me that someone had left them on the doorstep. He then had to leave me for the day to go to work but I had Fletcher for company so it wasn't all bad.

I got up, went down to the living room to start my day when I noticed another card and Haribo cupcakes  turns out there are special cards out there for mama's on Valentines day and Fletcher just happened to buy me one, isn't he just a dear.
I've gotta say, that husband of mine is a keeper, he cooked up a 3 course meal which involved homemade bang bang chicken, steak and veg with the most amazing Mexican cheese sauce which actually blew my mind, a not so homemade rhubarb crumble {I've gotta give the guy a break, he had been in work all day} and a glass of red wine.
Friday we went for a drive, like a proper old married couple and stopped off at Falmouth point for a coffee and a little walk by the water, the weather was fantastically cold and sunny, there were couples everywhere eating ice cream, enjoying picnics, love was most certainly in the air.
Jeans/Gap(always skinny)>>Jumper and shirt/Newlook>>Boots/Ugg

I had a really lovely couple of days celebrating St Valentine.  I know Valentines day isn't for everyone but its extra special for us as it marks the anniversary of when we first started dating back in 2002 so we always try and do something special.  I hope you had a good one whatever you did.

Keep Smiling

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Your hubby is a good egg that's for sure! x


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