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kitty cat

Throw a few bright pink cats on a top and I am sure to buy it, in fact throw any kind of animal on a top and i'll probably be drawn to it. My hair is still having a break from heat as I gave up my heated hair tools for lent so I did this simple braided style courtesy of Luxyhair, check them out, they have some really great tutorials.

I went to London last weekend with my girlfriends to watch Girls Aloud at the O2.  It was my first night away from Fletcher EVER and it was kinda weird but also really lovely at the same time.  Our train got to Paddington on Friday at 11:45am {it was 20 minutes late!!} and we all had appointments to have our make up done at MAC at 12pm!!  After pegging it to the tube and running to Selfridges with our suitcases in tow we made it {again 20 minutes late, it was all the trains fault}. I absolutely loved how the guy did my make up you can kind of see it in this picture.
And Girls aloud were awesome and they didn't leave us waiting for 2 hours like Justin Beiber.  
Saturday we hit Oxford Street for some serious shopping where I bought a lot of tops with animals on.

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  1. Your makeup looks lovely!

  2. You look gorgeous, as always!

    I had my makeup done at MAC and I doubt I will ever recreate it, it was done so beautifully! I wish I could make myself look as pretty again :)

    I am impressed with your heat-free stint at the moment. Your hair will feel so much better for it.


  3. Hi, I've nominated you for the versatile award on my blog!
    Sarah oxox


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