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hear muffs

I am a massive fan of earmuffs, I mean they keep your ears warm without having to worry about flat hat hair.  They are an essential accessory for me as I live on a bit of a hill which means it gets very windy.  I suffer from awful brain freeze when its windy, I have been reduced to tears at times because I forgot my earmuffs and the earache is so bad.

I have a dog called Maisy that needs walking regularly, this means I have to go and brave the cold breeze on a daily basis so when I was recently contacted to try the mobile accessory Hear Muffs I jumped at the chance.  They keep your ears warm whilst listening to your favourite tunes {or in my case its currently an audiobook} they are basically the perfect dog walking essential for music lovers that live in cold windy areas {pretty sure these were made for me, they should rename them Sammuffs.......maybe I'll contact them about that}.  Its still pretty chilly around these parts so I've given them a test drive on a few occasions, you just plug them into your iPhone and your good to go.  Seriously now these things are SO WARM, the sound quality is fantastic, they are a bargainous £10 from John Lewis and what I also love about them is the fact that they have a little volume control on the cord. Winning combination if you ask me.

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  1. These would be great for when I go to football and its a bit chilly! Why dont I have some?!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x


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