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We had an incredibly good run of sunny days here in Cornwall recently, I think it was something like 10 straight days of sunshine WOWZA!!  It's unbelievable how the sun can really boost your mood, I just wanted to get out, wear my shades and feel the sun on my skin.  It was also the perfect opportunity to take Fletcher's new bike seat for a test run {how awesome is his helmet btw!!}

Other activities during this brief spell of summer have been

> A BBQ with some really great friends
> A swim in the sea
> A picnic on the beach
> Paddling pool fun
> Dining alfresco {the best way in my opinion}
> Oh and a DIY ombre, which i'm not 100% happy with and will probably just whack another colour over it

Alas the grey skies and drizzle have made a comeback, but its ok coz that just makes me feel all the more smug for going out and enjoying the sunshine while it was here.  

Keep Smiling

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