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Pic taken by a friend for her photography portfolio

Five things I'm thankful for this week

1.  Water - on a broad scale.  DRINK/SWIM/BATHE/WASH - it has so many uses what would we do without water really?
2.  Essie Lovie Dovie Nail Polish -  I painted my nails in this colour this week and it made me smile, such a pretty pink colour.
3.  Horlicks Chocolate - It tastes like maltesers and makes you all warm inside ready for bed.  Love the stuff
4.  Saving money - Our mortgage deal came to an end recently and we were paying a ridiculous rate of  over 5% were now down to 2.99% so this is a rather sweet little saving every month.
5.  Fruit - Fletcher seems to really be into his blueberries/bananas/plums/grapes at the moment and this means I'm also eating more of it too.  Never a bad thing.

Keep Smiling

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