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a little bit of pamper

I looked down at my toes a few days ago and my 15 year old self would have been so disappointed. One (possibly two) month old pink polish which had chipped and grown out and started to look discoloured, it was a sight for sore eyes let me tell ya.  I thought to myself I would never had let this happen in the 90s and its true, I wouldn't be seen dead without my toenails painted. I've always been a lover of beauty and make-up from a very young age.  I always remember the excitement I would feel every month the magazines Just 17 and It's Bliss came out {anyone remember them}.  I would ride my bike down to the local shop where my mum worked part time and use my pocket money to buy these teenage mags and I always loved reading the beauty tips more than anything. Every night was a pamper night back in those days.

I suppose as you get older there are more important things to life than making sure your toenails look pretty {and not to mention there is never EVER any time anymore} but last Thursday I turned back time and had a little bit of pamper.  So after putting Fletcher to bed I devoted the whole evening to primping and preening myself and it was magnificent.  I think I might schedule these kinds of nights more regularly and now I have toes that my 15 year old self would be proud of.......now pass me my Bliss mag.

Keep Smiling


  1. Looks/sounds like you had a lovely pampered evening :) Maybe I'm getting old but I'd always choose a bath and a good book over a night out! Love the nail polish colour.

  2. aw its even more of a luxury now we have kids isn't it? make me savour it more! xx

  3. Ahh, good ol' Bliss! I used to love Shout too... hmm, I wonder if they still do them?!

  4. Totally relate to this with an active 6 month old! I think I might take time to do mine tonight x


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