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Fletcher has starting doing this new thing recently which is just so cute and I felt the need to document it.  For the longest time ever he has thrown his arms around our legs, poked his head through our legs and  then continued to walk whilst still attached to us, this always makes Dylan and I laugh and usually leads to me picking him up for a cuddle. Recently I have noticed upon picking him up that he has started to stroke my hair.  He's always very quiet and gentle and does it with such tenderness.  Its so endearing and it makes my heart melt every time he does it.  He's a charmer that little guy of mine and I hope he continues to be this affectionate throughout his life.

And here are some pictures which have absolutely no relevance to this post.  Fletcher got a balance bike for Christmas so he's been enjoying shuffling along! These pictures were taken last week before we started having ridiculously crazy weather.  Our beaches here in Cornwall are taking a major hammering!  I hope everyone is staying safe x

Sweater and Gilet - Jack Wills >> Jeans - Gap >> Boots - Barratts >> Mittens - DC

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