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As usual I am being frugal in February.  December and January are always expensive months. Obviously there is Christmas and all the expensive celebrations that come with it and then January your just trying to play catch up.  My best friend Amy's birthday is also in January and it just so happened to be her 30th so we celebrated it with style and stayed in a Woodland Lodge at The Cornwall Hotel in St Austell - it was freaking awesome.  6 girls together for 2 nights, there was a lot of relaxing, pampering, swimming, steaming, sauna-ing, and a ridiculous amount of eating (which i regretted later on when trying to go to bed and felt like a fat bloater-pants which led to an uncomfortable restless night).  I'll add some photos here for you.

Seriously how beautiful are my friends 
With my gorgeous sister - my dress is from Topshop and belt (which you actually can't see here) is from H&M
So anyway as I was saying im being frugal this February in fact i'm being frugal for the whole of 2014 as we are trying to save for a new car.  I've got my eye on an Audi A3 as I want something reliable and a bit bigger than my current VW Polo.  Fingers crossed we get one that is less than 5 years old (that's my dream anyway).  
Look at it a minute, isn't it beautiful.......you will be mine
Keep Smiling

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  1. Looks like the perfect girlie weekend! I would love to do something like that xx


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