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Oh February, the month of love, I kind of love you.  Your like a little light at the end of that tunnel that I like to call January, I just wish I didn't find you so difficult to pronounce.  Its all because of that silent R which I am incapable of keeping silent!  I do love Feb-roo-ary though.  It's the month that Dylan and I first started dating back in 2002, its also the month of Valentines Day and usually Shrove Tuesday, however this year pancake day is in March {we have the late Easter to thank for that}.  The mornings and evenings start to get noticeably lighter in February too which is always good in my books and your not quite as skint as you were in January due to overspending at Christmas. I also made more of an effort to love myself this month, I started a new skincare regime after my sister introduced me to Caroline Hirons blog {i'm hooked guys, this women is like the Messiah of skincare}, I also had my hair lightened for spring, started taking vitamins and set myself time to relax. So cheers February you've been good and I feel good.

Keep Smiling 


  1. Lovely post :)

    It would be great to hear about your new skin care regime - always interested in tips and tricks!

    1. Thank you. I'll do a skincare post very soon. Want to give the new regime a good few weeks before I can comment on it, so far so good though x

    2. Great! Looking forward to it :)

  2. You look great! Love the hair.


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