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Tonight I am dedicating the whole evening to myself.  Dylan is going out with his work mates for a leaving party and so it's just me and Fletch.  Its kinda funny because for the first 10 years of mine and Dylan's relationship we always spent half of the week apart as he his work base was in Oxford and mine was here in Cornwall so I was never short of me time. Fast forward 10 years and Dylan is finally based in Cornwall so me time doesn't really happen so often, not than i'm complaining because boy is it nice to see your husband every day, especially when you have a child, it's super nice to have that extra pair of hands.......but I am very much looking forward to doing my own thing this evening.  I'll probably just have a nice long shower, stick a hair mask on, slather on a big old dose of body butter, possibly a mani/pedi,  watch The Hills boxset have a cup of horlicks and then go to bed with my book.  Perfect.

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday
Keep Smiling


  1. Having some me time is always good - it never seems to happen enough these days! I hope you enjoy having an evening to yourself and feel relaxed and refreshed from it.

    Jenny xx


  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening! x


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