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Hey you beautiful lot.  So you may remember I had my hair ombre'd again recently.  This is the third time I have gone for the ombre look (I tend to favour it as soon as it hits Spring/Summer).  The previous 2 times I actually did it at home with success but as my hair was much darker this time around I was worried about doing it myself so went to the salon to get it done - which was a wise move as it took 4 hours to bleach and then colour/tone and it turned out great!  That was 5 weeks ago and the blonde had started to go a bit orangey looking (which I knew would happen as the bleach didn't completely lift my hair as it was so dark to begin with)  So I took matters into my own hands and cracked out the bleach!! Eek

I used Goldwell Oxycur Platin bleach with Goldwell Topchic Developer 9% 30 vol.  I backcombed each section of hair before applying the bleach, wrapped it in foil and then left it to develop for about 40 minutes, rinsed it out, washed and conditioned and then dried it.  This was how it looked after this step.
It lifted really well but was rather yellow/orange and needed some major toning.  So this is the step which sorts all that nasty canary yellow.

1 cup of white conditioner (it's important that it's white)
2 teaspoons of Manic Panic Ultraviolet semi permanent hair dye (or any other purple hair dye)

Mix it all together until you get a very scary bright purple shade and coat your hair.  I used a colouring brush and also massaged it in with my hands.  I left it for about 10 minutes (at which point I started to freak out that my hair had turned purple) and then washed it out and conditioned, dried and styled and this was the result.
I hope this helps any of you that are sporting the orange ombre look  The Manic Panic is a really effective way to tone brassy yellow hair and because it's mixed with conditioner its actually not all that damaging to your hair and as your only using 2 teaspoons worth it will last forever.

Keep Smiling


  1. It looks great. The cut and colour really suits you!

  2. Wow thanks so much, this really helps! Been looking all over for an easy solution like this.

  3. this really works for removing orange but it turned the whiter blonde areas of my hair grey/silver with a purple tinge. so that sucks.. good thing it washes out!


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