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A mash up of family fun out over the last month or so - Perranporth Beach/Durgan Beach/Baking/Tregothnan Gardens
Do you remember the days when Facebook didn't exist? Well I can go one better than you, I can remember the days when the World Wide Web didn't exist.  If you wanted to research something you had to go to the library or search for it in your Encyclopedia and whilst its great that your computer spell checks everything for you I think it makes us lazy spellers.  Back then I would spend my spare time playing the piano, riding my bike, reading a book, playing with my friends outside and just LIVING. 

I gave up Facebook for lent because I was wasting so much time on that darn website, time that I could be using more productively.  It's actually been a really welcomed break, I have spent so much more time just noticing and enjoying the smaller things, living in the moment rather than rushing straight to my phone to update my status. LIVING my life rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing.  It's actually come to the point where I don't actually know if I will return to Facebook.

And why do we go on Facebook in the first place anyway? to brag, to pity, to judge,to moan, to stalk the list is endless. I actually removed myself from Facebook when I went into labour with Fletcher because I didn't want someone to break the news that I had given birth before I had informed my family and closest friends. And whilst I know I'm totally contradicting myself by blogging and Instagraming I find writing therapeutic,  It's like a little diary of my thoughts and I get so much inspiration from other blogs, much more than I would from spending an hour on Facebook.

I don't really know where I'm going with this post....... all I do know is that i've really been enjoying spending time as a family, watching Fletcher grow in front of my eyes, having conversations with my husband, laughing a lot, making the most of what I've got, and going on family day trips and not worrying about "checking in" on Facebook.

Keep Smiling and live in the moment and make wonderful memories 

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  1. I love reading your blog. All your posts are so naturally uplifting without "trying too hard". I've got this far, and it's so cute watching Fletcher get younger! X


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