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This looks like im posing but I'm actually watching a massive bee flying away
 Jeans/Gap>>Breton stripe top/Boden>>Denim shirt-Newlook>>Shoes-Converse

Last Sunday morning I  threw my patio doors open and sat on the doorstep with my cup of tea and Maisy dog by my side.  The morning sun letting light creep into my garden, a little dew scattered across the lawn, the birds conversing in song as if  in a permanent Musical.  I could hear Fletcher in the distance playing with his toys in his bedroom but the rest of the earth was still and in that moment I felt completely at peace with everything and noticed I was smiling to myself.  I love morning time and its safe to say I am a morning person.  There is something so nice about having the whole day ahead of you. But there was something extra special about last Sunday.  It was like I had put life into perspective.

Sometimes life can be hard and a struggle and sometimes we make bad decisions and mistakes and in these times of trouble its difficult to see a way out and you wonder if life will ever feel good again but these mistakes and struggles are what shape your life, you learn from them, become a better person and make better choices and whilst I was sat on my doorstep being all philosophical I noticed that all my past worries and bad mistakes and days where I just felt like life would never be good again were in the past and forgotten and all that mattered was right now and right now is pretty awesome.

Next time I feel overwhelmed by something I want to remember THIS moment of inner peace on my doorstep, where life is still and remind myself that as with everything life goes on, we're still going to have bad days but it's OK because everything is just a phase in your life and it ALWAYS gets better so live in the moment instead of just letting the moment pass by.

Happy Saturday!!!

Keep Smiling

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