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If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I spent this last weekend in London.  I went up with my sister, niece and friend Charlotte to see Katy Perry at the O2 - she was phenomenal by the way, bursting with energy and a little bit crazy and I just love her.

It was a fast paced 2 day trip full of singing, dancing and shopping and I learnt a lot of lessons whilst there and wanted to document them here for future reference.

1.  Never wear heels to a concert - your feet will feel like they are bleeding by the end of the night.  Flat shoes all the way from here on out.
2.  Always get a drink BEFORE you get in the O2 arena because you will be thirsty and won't want to leave your seat for fear of missing something spectacular.
3.  Take care when walking through the turnstiles in Paddington station toilets because it hurts like hell when you get your leg stuck, you end up with a 3 inch bruise on your thigh and you have to pay 30p for the pleasure.
4. Share a suitcase with a friend so that you can leave it at Left Luggage whilst you hit the shops and you can share the cost (£5 sounds much better than £10!)
5.  Never, I repeat NEVER leave your bags unattended not even for a second because someone will pick up that Zara bag with your new shorts that you just bought and steal them!! (I learnt the hard way and had to buy them twice)
6.  Get a Bumbag (fanny pack) -  I don't actually care how ridiculous they look they are practical and I am so paranoid about thieves now.
7.  Always make time for a cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery.  They are the bees knees!
8.  Get a shopping caddy for your shopping bags - no more aching shoulders/arms/hands - i'm getting one next time
9.  Check your items for damages before buying - I bought 2 statement necklaces from Forever 21 that were damaged and I didn't realise until I was on the train home :-(
10.  Ditch the map and use the app - The tube map app is brilliant, it tells you exactly what platform to get on, where you need to get off and changeover etc.. it just works out everything for you.....a must in my books

Wanna see what I bought?
Primark purchases 
Primark PJ's (they're Paul Frank!!)
Forever 21 purchases
Mango Jeans - Zara shorts (the ones I had to buy twice!)
H&M basic vests and tee
Forever 21 jewellery - The stone is still missing from the yellow necklace:-( managed to save the other
Forever 21 midi rings
Mac - Syrup (My friend Emily wore this on her wedding day and looked beautiful) I got this for free using the Back to Mac scheme

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Keep Smiling

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  1. Sorry about your misfortune with the shorts and necklace. Bet Katy Perry was so much fun!
    I'm a little bit jealous about your Forever21 trip too - I've been lusting over their website for weeks now - so much perfect stuff!


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