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Talk about bipolar weather we're having in Cornwall at the moment.  One minute its blazing sun the next its torrential rain.  We've had the most amazing summer so far though so I can't really complain.  We took advantage of the sunny weather and took Fletcher to an open day at a local Agricultural College last Sunday when we came back from our mini break to St Ives, purely so he could have a ride on a tractor (which was actually a ride on a trailer attached to a tractor).  Turns out Fletcher prefers to sit on static tractors rather than moving ones so he had a great time jumping on and off all the different tractors.  We finished the day off with a visit to the park because this kid can't get enough of the swings.

I love how the sun instantly lifts my mood.  It has been so nice to wear summer clothes and walk around bare legged with flip flops and there is nothing better than that feeling after having a shower when the sun has been shining down on you all day and your all fresh and clean and discover you have little tan lines appearing on your body. NOTHING BETTER!!

So when I heard the forecast for Thursday and Friday was rain I was a little disappointed.  But in actual fact it was just wonderful.  Fletcher woke at 7am on Thursday, waved off his daddy to work and then jumped in bed with me.  I had the windows open slightly as the nights are so humid and we ate our breakfast in bed to the sound of the rain beating down outside.  I swear I have never felt so comfy and content as I did in that moment whilst we sat there in silence in our PJ's bundled under the covers whilst it poured and poured with rain.  It was marvelous.   

Friday, Fletcher decided he wanted to be a rascal for the majority of the day and spent a fair amount of time on the naughty step (terrible twos are real people) but we did manage to bake some chocolate orange cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book.  Fletcher repeatedly asked "can I lick the bowl now" obviously his favourite part of baking!  They turned out great, but the mixture made 24 instead 16 so I sent some over to my friends and family, who were more than pleased to take them off my hands.  

Moral of the story..... although the sun brightens my mood, the rain makes me feel cosy and forces me to embrace indoor activities and to get crafty or bake which is never a bad thing.  I hope you are all enjoying summer as much as I am.

Keep Smiling


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