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Here's what I've been loving throughout the month of August.  ENJOY!

MAC eyeliner in coffee - I've been really loving wearing absolutely nothing on my eyes other than a nice strong line of this in my waterline along with a few swipes of mascara and a bit of eyebrow wax. Simple and natural looking

La Roche Posay Redermic Eyes - I'm always on the hunt for a great eye cream that reduces wrinkles and dark circles etc (do they actually exist though). I can't tell whether this eye cream does either of the above but I can definitely see that the area around my eyes is a lot less dry so it's obviously moisturising my under eye area pretty good. 

Tangleteezer - I really don't know what took me so long to buy one of these considering my hair resembles a birds nest most mornings. I love that the bristles kind of give your head a nice massage too. It brushes through my tangles a breeze.

Tigi Oatmeal & Honey - I used to use this shampoo/conditioner combo years ago but then they stopped making it for a while. I am so happy that it has made a comeback because it smells better than ever and now so does my hair. 


Embroidered top//F21 - This was featured in my last outfit post and I wore it a lot last month so it really deserved a mention.  It's still available (link) if you fancy one for yourself.

Basic grey tee//H&M - This has probably been my most worn item for the month of August.  I really wish I had it in more colours.  It's such a perfect fit and looks great tucked in or left out.  I really do need to buy more of these.

Movie/TV Show

Breaking Bad - We started watching the box set back in July and REALLY REALLY got into it in August. Were on season 4 now. No spoilers please!! 


Belvita Breakfast - This is nothing new really, in fact this should be a yearly favourite because I pretty much eat one of these every day as a snack (usually about 10am if you were wondering).  They are soooo tasty.


Ed Sheeran X - I bought this and it has been on repeat ever since. Favourite songs from the album are Don't,Nina, Runaway and obviously Thinking Out Loud


Hellofashionblog - I have a bit of a love for fashion mummy bloggers and Christine's blog doesn't disappoint - lots of great fashion inspiration and advice.
girltalkwithlaura - I recently found Laura's blog via her Instagram account.  I love her style and she always finds the nicest things in Primark!!


Even shorter hair - I went for the chop again in August and opted for a much shorter style.  My ends were absolutely fried from all of the bleach and so I thought it was best to get them all snipped off.  I also redyed the brown and left the ends free so that I still had a little subtle ombre going on.  I am absolutely loving having shorter hair, the shorter I go the easier it gets to manage/style. WIN WIN!!

Billion Dollar Brows - I went and had my eyebrows shaped in a salon a few weeks ago (something I haven't done in about 2 years) Eyebrows really do make such a difference to your face shape and I will never neglect them ever again.  I had the billion dollar brow treatment and will be booking up again in September to maintain them. The lovely beautician gave me this little spoolie to brush through my brows every day.  She said it may sound silly but you can actually train your brows to grow in a certain direction if you brush them daily so that's what I'm doing and in fact I think it might be working plus I really like the effect brushing them gives.  Nicely groomed brows!

Wow this post got very hairy towards the end!

Keep Smiling 

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  1. i love your new hair - so fresh and cute! i need to check out that eye cream.. i've been running low of my current one and am trying to find the next best thing out there :)

    rachel x


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