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OUTFIT DETAILS - Jeans/Gap-Shirt/Newlook-Vest/Primark-FlipFlops/Havaianas

Last Saturday we took a little trip to St Just and Cape Cornwall and let me tell you something, jeans were a bad choice that day!! It was grey and cloudy when we left and by the time we got there I would have given anything to had been wearing shorts.  It turned out to be such a lovely sunny day.

We had a little stroll around St Just town, had a saffron bun (after trying to figure out how many carbs were in it!) we then made our way down to Priests Cove which is a cute little stony beach with lovely views of Lands End.  The Brison's rocks in the middle of the sea are said to resemble Charles De Gaulle in a bath. Fletcher went on a mission to throw every stone from the beach into the sea......after realising that this would take him an eternity we called it a day and made our way back to the car.  We then drove home to our mansion as pictured above (a girl can dream right!).

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