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Love this pic of me and my boy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween yesterday.  Fletcher spent from 7:10am-7pm as a vampire, we carved pumpkins, picked up a prescription from the GP surgery and then spent the afternoon driving to Saltash to look at a car (which I subsequently didn't end up buying) so you know it was a pretty standard non scary day really but Fletcher didn't seem to mind.   In all honesty i'm not sure he really understood the whole concept of Halloween, he asked me the day before if Father Christmas was going to be there??

I however celebrated Halloween on Thursday night when I dressed up as a Zombie/Corpse Bride for my Zumba class. We learnt the routine to Backstreet Boys - Everybody and my costume won best dressed, turns out I'm pretty good at making myself look revolting.  It was such an awesome night!

Have a wonderful weekend guys.

Keep Smiling

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