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Totally unrelated pictures to this post but I just found them on my phone from before Christmas and thought they definitely needed to be shared with the blog world!

I'm officially on annual leave!!! This excites me greatly. I have so much planned for my week off.

- Celebrate my best friend Amy's birthday 
- Bake a birthday cake for a special little boy that's turning 3 on Tuesday and try and figure out how many carbs are in the damn thing! And also can we just pause time for a bit, time is passing by so fast, I can't believe Fletch is turning 3, was it really that long ago that I gave birth.
- Finish my book. I'm aiming to read a book a month.  I'm currently reading Sophie Kinsella Can You Keep a Secret, it's an old book but it's a gooden.
- Rip my wallpaper down and paint my walls in a neutral grey/greige (is greige actually a word?) 
- Clear out my wardrobes 
- Try and get my hair cut
- Make enquiries about the beauty course that I want to start this year
- Exploring some new woods and beaches
- Date night!

This week has been pretty good to me so far. Yesterday I was on the phone to a receptionist at a GP surgery and was told that I was a pleasure to speak to because I was so bright and helpful, she said it was so refreshing to hear, that made my day. And today I was told I looked like a teenager!! Seeing as though I haven't been a teenager for 12 years I was pretty pleased to hear that. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, maybe I'll win the lottery or something.

Keep Smiling 

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