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Apparently today is Blue Monday. It's the day when the January blues come into full swing and people feel their lowest. So to celebrate this depressing day I spent the evening with my beautiful friends Amy and Steph and it wasn't depressing at all.....nope not one little bit!  We had a lovely meal by the fire followed by coffee and tea and and plenty of talk (mostly about how pale we all are and how we need a good holiday!)

We then spent a good hour trying to get a decent selfie, trying to figure out which side was our "good side" which was all rather hilarious and resulted in a large collection of grainy photos. 

I always have a laugh with these girls and I'm looking forward to our next get together in February where we've planned facials and manicures at my house. I refuse to feel blue today just because the media says we have to! The only thing blue about tonight was the cheese on Stephs burger. 

Keep Smiling 

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