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Today was BUSY!! Wednesday's are always my busiest day. Work is manic because I work part time and Wednesday is my last day so I spend the day tying up loose ends and then by the time I've got home it's, dinner, tidying, work out, shower and then finally at about 9:30 I can rest!!

Tonight I had some me time and treated myself to an at home manicure. I thought I'd go for a Chocolate Mint theme using the colours Chinchilly and Mint Candy Apple by Essie with a little bit of sparkle added by Collection Bedazzled - 2 Tea At The Glitz.  I like how it turned out and actually didn't even use the tape because it was a little bit too sticky for freshly polished nails.  Oh and you guys, coconut oil as cuticle oil is increds!!

Happy Hump Day!

Keep Smiling 

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