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I can't explain how gorgeous this scent is, you'll have to sniff it for yourselves.  This could quite literally be my all time favourite Lush product. 

I used this everyday in December at bed time. It feels very luxurious and smells like a spa. It leaves my skin fresh and beautifully cleansed.  I can see this staying in my collection for quite some time. 

I only have a tester of this but loved it so much that I will be purchasing the full size   I had heard a lot about this product and it really does live up to the hype. My skin is always dehydrated in the winter and this just made my skin glow! 

Definitely my most used lip product for December. This is the perfect shade of pink. The colour reminds me of a Chanel gloss that I wore on my wedding day which was discontinued, so this shade really is a winner for me. The consistency is lovely and creamy too, not too sticky. 

A great base colour which I have used a lot in December. Looks great paired with MAC Wedge in the crease, winged eyeliner and a bold red lip. 

Another shade by Chanel that they discontinued. This is my all time favourite red lip. It has the right amount of plum to go with the red and is just beautiful. its a shame they stopped making it.

My nails are such a state in winter, splitting, flaking off and are just generally weak. This stuff is really quite extraordinary. After filing my nails nice and short I applied this and within a week my nails were so much stronger and healthier. 


This was such a bargain at only £20.  I desperately needed a little black dress as I actually don't own one.  I wore this to Dylan's works do and also on Christmas Day.  Its very simple but I like simplicity.

Quite simply the best of all the festive Costa drinks. 

A bit of an obvious choice as this song has been everywhere but I literally can't listen to this song without busting some crazy dance moves.  Love it. 

I know this film is a year old but we finally watched it recently and once I had got over how incredibly shocking Matthew McConaughey looked from his weight loss I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Keep Smiling

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