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Ahhhhh sleeping, its my favourite thing to do second to eating haha.

I think the most important thing about getting a good nights sleep is consistency and getting a good circadian rhythm going.  I aim to go to bed at around the same time every night and wake around the same time each morning (whenever Fletcher wakes up) apart from on a Sunday when I get a lie in but even then I limit myself to 9am.

A typical evening for me usually goes something like this:

- Watch a bit of TV, catch up on blogs, do a bit of window shopping on the internet, have a bath, light a candle.
- A warm mug of Horlicks, every night without fail, and yes I am aware I sound like a granny.
- Take a magnesium tablet.  The mineral Magnesium is a muscle relaxant so it naturally helps you to feel less tight, stiff and it deactivates adrenaline giving you an all round feeling of relaxation.  It is also reported to help with migraines, which I do suffer from and I have seen a major improvement since taking it.
- Shut down everything for the night, clean up odds and ends in the lounge, turn off lights, put dishwasher on, give the dog her bedtime treat, check Fletcher's blood glucose levels.
- Night time skincare regime (cleanse, tone, eye cream, face oil, moisturiser)
- Make sure my alarm is set
- Into PJ's
- Into bed
- Read
- Sleep for 7-8 hours

A few important things that I find really help me to get a good nights sleep include:

- Winding down. I usually start the wind down process about an hour before I'm due to go to sleep.  I think its really important to really make sure you have done everything that you need to do before getting into bed. There is nothing worse than climbing into bed and then 20 minutes later realising that you forgot to set your alarm or make your lunch for work.  I go through a little mental checklist in my head each night.
- Sleeping in a tidy/dark bedroom.  I simply cannot sleep if my room is a mess and I make it as dark as I possibly can.
- The right temperature.  I like my room to be cool but not ice cold.  If its too warm it is impossible to get comfortable.
- Reading,  Its the one way to really get your mind to switch off, because your mind can't wander when your attention is fully in your story.
- Headspace App. If i'm really struggling to sleep I stick my Headspace app on, it has a really great podcast on sleep and i'm usually asleep before its even finished.

Bit of a random post tonight but I know that sleep disorders are really common and these are just a few tips that I find really helpful.  Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Keep Smiling

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