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Back on December 27th when I was sale shopping in Exeter I whinged onto Dylan about how I really needed a new wallet as my Mango one which was 3 years old was falling to bits.  It was made out of pleather and the chain on the zip broke on Christmas Eve.  As I perused John Lewis I noticed that the Ted Baker wallets were in the sale and everyone had congregated around them.  I saw one that I liked so grabbed hold of it and walked around with it, it was the only one left, I didn't want anyone else to nab it and there was a girl on the phone to her friend asking if she wanted to pick one up for her, I wasn't going to let her have it!!  I walked around some more and  soon realised that the only reason I wanted the Ted Baker wallet was because someone else wanted it, and it was in the sale, and in fact I didn't really like the look of it at all, and I wanted a classic colour (black, white, tan, grey) this one was blue, and in fact I wanted the Michael Kors wallet that I had been eyeing up for months.  I put Ted back and decided I would just save my pennies and buy the Michael when I had enough funds.  But I still needed a wallet, I couldn't go around with my tatty old one with a broken zip so I saw another one in the sale from Dune, it was faux leather again but it was £14 so I didn't care but Dylan told me not to buy it!!  When I asked him why, he told me he had an idea!!!

His idea was to use our Topcashback funds so that I could buy the Michael Kors wallet that I dreamed of. And this my friends is why I love this guy (well its not the only reason).  If you haven't heard of Topcashback you should check out their website.  Whenever you shop online you get a percentage of money back if you go through Topcashback.  Its basically money for nothing.

I hadn't even thought to use our funds for something for myself, I thought we would just use the money for something around the house.  So now the next big decision was what colour?  I really liked the look of the pearl grey but hmmmmm wait a minute the black is classic, but oh wait the white looks gorgeous too, but it will get dirty arrgggggh.  Then BAM I spotted this monochrome one on Harvey Nichols website.  Its black and white, monochrome is classic, its saffiano leather, its beautiful - SOLD :-)

Thanks Topcashback for my free wallet.

Keep Smiling

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