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MAC is by far my favourite cosmetics brand. I love the quality, the price and the simplicity of their packaging. I thought it might be nice to share my lipstick collection with you and tell you which ones are my favourites. I would love to know your all time favourite MAC shade and If you have any recommendations on what shade I should try next that would be great.

Left to Right - Creme Cup|Angel|Snob|Syrup|Costa Chic|See Sheer|So Chaud|Ruby Woo
Natural Light ||Left to Right - Creme Cup||Angel||Snob||Syrup
With Flash||Left to Right - Creme Cup||Angel||Snob||Syrup
 Natural Light||Left to Right - Costa Chic||See Sheer||So Chaud||Ruby Woo
With Flash||Left to Right - Costa Chic||See Sheer||So Chaud||Ruby Woo

Creme Cup | Cremesheen - My first ever MAC lipstick. A beautiful soft pink neutral colour.  Great every day colour.
Angel | Frost - Very similar to Creme Cup in my honest opinion and I would probably choose Creme Cup over Angel. 
Snob | Satin - This is probably my most worn out of them all (although I haven't worn it in quite some time). A pinky satin/matte lipstick which has a definite violet undertone to it. I like to layer it with a gloss to stop it from appearing too dry.
Syrup | Lustre - I bought this after my friend Emily wore it on her wedding day along with her bridesmaids and it is a really beautiful shade.  It looks great whether you're blonde or brunette.  Has a slight violet/plum undertone to it which I really like. 
Costa Chic | Frost - a shimmery coral colour which I really don't get on with hence why it's pretty much untouched. It's definitely a summer shade (maybe I'll try it again this summer) i'm not really feeling it though.
See Sheer | Lustre - I wasn't a massive fan of this shade when I first bought it either. But I don't know what happened because I would say its up there with my favourites now.  A gorgeous red/coral/grapefruit shade.
So Chaud | Matte - I bought this as my local store had sold out of Lady Danger and I was told it was a very similar orangey red shade.  I'm so glad I got it because this is my FAVOURITE shade ever.  I love it at winter time when my skin is even paler than usual as the colour is even more intense.
Ruby Woo | Matte - A very popular shade that everyone should own.  Its a very striking bold matt red. Definitely a little bit special.

Whenever I apply So Chaud or Ruby Woo or any bold shade for that matter I use a liner brush to line my lips first to get the perfect pout.  I hope you enjoyed having a little nose into my collection.

Keep Smiling

P.S  Please let me know your recommendations I need some new beige/nude shades in my life as I don't seem to own any!


  1. I don't have any of these colours, but great choices. I love patisserie. I can also recommend Hug Me, Blankety and Viva Glam VI- all are great nudes/naturals :)

  2. Lovelorn is a fab pinky nude - def going to pick up Syrup after reading this - thanks for the tip!


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