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I like to have a nice selection of fragrance to choose from. I don't typically where the same fragrance every day. I generally tend to separate my perfume into categories.

Every day wear/work wear -I usually go for the cheaper options when it comes to work. 

Zara|Baby Boy - This may seem like a random perfume to own as it is supposed to be for babies (which I find a little bit odd in the first place but each to their own) but let me just tell you that this perfume smells absolutely gorgeous. It's a very soft,comforting, powdery smell and it is so cheap for such a big bottle. I really recommend you give it a sniff, you won't be disappointed. 
Paul Smith|Extreme - These perfumes are always in the sale. I've got to be honest though, this isn't my favourite scent as I find it quite peppery but it's fine for work I suppose. 
Lidl|Suddenly Madame Glamour - My most used "work" scent. Iit's not pictured because it lives in my handbag and I totally forgot about it until I started writing this. If you haven't heard of this fragrance then I suggest you get your bum down to Lidl and pick it up. Basically it's Chanel Coco Mademosielle for £3.99. 

Special Occasions - I save my more expensive perfumes for days when I'm not in work or when I'm going out on a special occasion. The fragrance I choose often depends on what season we are in. 

Spring/Summer - This is when I wear my lighter, fresher, floral fragrances. These include:
Marc Jacobs|Daisy Dream - I actually won this last summer in a competition with Escentual. It is such a beautiful fresh, clean scent. I like to wear it with sunglasses and flip flops :-)
Chanel|Chance - Every girl needs a Chanel fragrance in their collection and this is my choice. Everything about it is so chic. It's such a lovely fresh classic scent. 
Calvin Klien||Beauty - Another simple sophisticated fragrance that again smells fresh and almost slightly sweet. Great summer fragrance.
DKNY|Golden Delicious - Its fruity and fresh and I love it!

Autumn/Winter - The woody, musky, sensual scents come out around this time. These include:

LancĂ´me|Poeme - My signature scent and all time favourite perfume. It looks a terribly old grannyish colour but it smells like heaven to me. I've been wearing this perfume for 12 years and the amount of people that ask me what fragrance I'm wearing is unbelievable. I swear nearly every time I wear it someone comments on it. 
Gucci|Premier - Husband bought me this for Christmas after I sniffed it in Debenhams and fell in love. It's a very sophisticated scent and an all round lovely fragrance. 
What are your go to fragrances? Do you keep your daytime scents separate to your evening ones?

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  1. Lovely to hear about your collection. Scent is so personal isn't it? I tend to have my main - stay throughout the year which is Chanel Coco mademoiselle. Interestingly I bought some of lidl ' s copy and it is quire good but I prefer the real thing! Also love Dune by Dior and Happy by Clinique. Fell in love with Jo Malone Orange blossom cologne at the airport in the summer. Gorgeous. I have just had a sample of B by Balenciaga which reminds me of Light Blue by dolce and gabana. Finally I got a sample of Truth or dare by madonna when I saw her in concert a couple of years ago. Just bought a bottle from eBay this winter and apart from the hideous bottle the smell is gorgeous for evening or winter. Have loved Bloguary. Thanks so much. Kitty x


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