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I am obsessed with Nordic/Scandinavian interior and the industrial look at the moment, to the point where I just want to rip up all my carpets and and put down wood flooring everywhere and chuck a load of gorgeous rugs on the floor and drape beautiful throws/blankets off the back of chairs.

Dylan and I both have some annual leave coming up and i think we are going to rip down our wallpaper in our front room.  It's been up for about 5 years and we both agree that its time to go and get some neutral paint on those walls, it will more than likely be grey.

We're also on the hunt for a new dining table as our current table is quite literally on its last legs.  Luckily both Dylan and I have agreed on a style that we both like so now we are on the look out.

 If you have had a glimpse of my Pinterest board you will see that I've been going crazy pinning home interior.  My dream home would have exposed brick walls, wood flooring, large rugs, throws, pictures and art, cactus plants and lots of large pendant lamps and floor lamps Here's a little look at what i'm loving.

(those copper pendants! WANT)

Keep Smiling

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  1. Wow Sam! i'm sooo fond of the Scandinavian simplistic style, but it is so hard to replicate in an "everyday home". It's just too beautiful lol I love the mixture of the natural wood colors and the stark white and greys. We had our walls painted white (couldn't do grey because of lack of natural light) and we absolutely love it.


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