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Sundays are for lie-ins||fresh sheets||laughter||family||roast dinners||bubble baths||scented moisturiser||at home facials||intensive hair treatments||manicures||reading a good book.

I pretty much do all of the above on a Sunday.  Its like my prep for the upcoming week.  I like to have freshly manicured nails for work on a Monday and there is nothing better than jumping into a bed with fresh sheets after you've had a warm bubble bath.

I am determined to get my hair in the best condition ever this year.  I haven't coloured it since September last year as I think i'm going to give my natural hair colour a whirl (I'll just pick the greys out eek).  I've been doing weekly intensive treatments, letting it dry naturally and I plan to get regular trims (still need to book that up, oops)  It is definitely feeling in much better condition already.

I hope you all had a nice Monday - mine was pretty manic!  Being a Medical Secretary for 4 Paediatricians is hard going sometimes.  But when I got home from work the sky looked like this, and you know how much I LOVE THE SKY, it was beautiful and made me happy.

Keep Smiling

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