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Plaid shirt +black sweater-H&M||Leather look leggings + bobble hat-Topshop||Boots-Hunter

I always hated Sundays when I was little and although I still don't like the fact that its the end of the weekend and that work is impending there are a lot of things I am thankful for on a Sunday.  I am thankful that it is my lie in day and I love nothing more than my bed.  Its a day for family and I always make an effort to do something with Dylan, Fletcher and Maisy (if dogs are permitted).  Even if its just a stroll along the beach, donning our wellies and walking through the woods or going for a coffee somewhere new.  Its also a day that all my family get together for roast dinner and it is ALWAYS a laugh. We quite literally turn up at my mums and just create so much noise.  My sister and I tend to dick about whilst our children chase each other and the men usually talk sport.  Family dinner is something that I really look forward to which is funny considering I used to HATE roast dinners.

This Sunday we took a nice blustery stroll up a very long hill on a hunt for muddy puddles (we found some no probs) once at the top the views are beautiful, they are even nicer on a summers day.  I'll have to show you what I mean in a few months time. 


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