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Fletcher turned 3 on Tuesday 3rd Feb and It was a day of joy and happiness.  Dylan and I took the week off work so that we could spend his special day together as a family.  We didn't plan a party or anything as we thought we would save the parties for when he is that little bit older.  Both Fletcher and I unfortunately had colds for his birthday.  Fletcher was just starting to get over his cold but mine had just kicked in that day, but it was nothing that a little Ibuprofen couldn't fix temporarily.  

It all started with a wall of balloons which I spent quite some time making the night before, It was worth all the effort though. As soon as he came around that corner his face lit up and he gasped "BALLOONS, I LOVE BALLOONS".  It's true, the kid really (I mean reaaalllly) loves balloons.  Once he had got over that excitement we lead him over to the window where he just stood in awe and gazed at the world which had turned white overnight.  I still can't believe it snowed on his birthday, my wish actually came true! (read back through my other posts)

Naturally we spent the day throwing snowballs at each other and making a very small snowman and then warming up indoors by the fire.  Our friends and family visited us throughout the day and Fletcher tried his hardest to blow out his sparkler candle.  We had some cake (which actually tasted more like a scone to be honest).  After his bath I read him a couple of new books that he had received as gifts and he went to sleep a very happy boy.  It couldn't have been more perfect really.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Thanks for sharing!


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