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Well, that's January over and done with. I loved a lot of things in January but these are my absolute favourites. 


I've literally been using this on everything. I switched up my morning skin care routine and now use this stuff to cleanse and whatever is left over on my hands gets rubbed into the ends of my hair.  I've also been using it as a cuticle oil. And I also pat it into my skin before going to bed for a more intensive treatment. It's such an all round product and I love that it is affordable and you can pick it up in your local supermarket. I swear it's this stuff that is making my skin super soft. 

I really do have a lot of love for The Body Shop, they feature on my blog and Instagram  frequently. This is a very gritty scrub, which I like as it feels like it's really working. I always notice how great and glowing my skin looks the following day (as I tend to use it before going to bed) 

After sharing my Mac lipstick collection with you last month I have found new love for Angel. Although it is a very similar shade to Cremecup the consistency and finish is different. Angel is much more creamy and I've been loving it throughout January. 

This was hands down my favourite hair product of the month. As you know I'm trying to get my hair in good condition and am also growing out my hair to my natural colour. I've been using this once a week as an intensive treatment.  It's smells gorgeous and makes my hair feel silky smooth


housetweaking.com - Dana Miller has the most beautiful home ever. I've been really loving getting inspiration from her gorgeous house and picking up lots of little tips too.  Not only is her home beautiful Dana is just as beautiful and she has 3 super cute kiddos too. Her blog is like a massive pool of inspiration and I just want to dive in. 

You know when you find a style of clothing that you like and then have to get it in every colour well that's what happened with these jeans, they are the actual best fit EVER! I get mine in size 3 (I'm a UK 8) in case your wondering about the sizes. I've lived in these jeans all month.

Love this little gem that I picked up online at H&M back in November.  I wish I owned more of these kind of hats but truth be told if I am going outside in the cold I usually favour a beanie/wooly hat.

Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington - We got this film with our LoveFilm rental and I really enjoyed it. It's an Action Comedy and it did make me laugh in quite a few places. 

We had a lot of left over Christmas chocolate that needed finishing off which is why these are both naughty food favourites and OMG words simply can't explain how unbelievably delicious these truffles are by Monty Bojangles. You kinda just need to try them to believe me.  Raffaello was the only thing that was on my Christmas list this year and I would have been happy if that was all I got. They are a taste sensation. But don't ever get me original Ferrero Rocher because I hate them with a passion. 

I'm a massive Tay Swift fan and this album doesn't disappoint.  I've actually had it since November but feel like I've really properly been listening to it for the last month. My fave songs would have to be "I Know Places" "All You Had To Do Was Stay" "How you get the girl" "Clean" 

I mentioned in an earlier post that I want to read more this year.  I'm aiming for 1 book a month, which I know probably doesnt seem much to all you other book worms out there, but 1 book a month is good for me.  I think I read about 4 books for the whole of last year!!  I read Sophie Kinsella Can You Keep A Secret in January and it was so lovely to get lost in a book and get excited to read it again and again.  February's book had to be Love Tanya by Tanya Burr, because I love that girl and it's so nice to see her success right in front of our eyes.

Keep Smiling

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