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I'm sure I'm not the only one that has issues with dry dehydrated skin in the colder months. All that central heating and ice cold air hitting your face every day starts to really take its toll on your skin. I discovered 2 products this winter that have been little saviours and they also work amazingly well together, it's like they are the elite team and they were both featured in my December Favourites. 

I use this as part of my evening routine (after I've removed my eye make up with a separate cleanser). The first thing I noticed about this product was the smell, it is so lovely and actually quite strong which worried me to begin with as highly scented products usually don't mix with my skin as it can be quite sensitive but I can confirm I have absolutely zero complaints. 

A pea sized amount is all I need mixed with a teeny tiny bit of water to make a slightly milky consistency. I then massage this onto my face and flannel off with hot running water. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh. My skin really seems to love it and I can't rave about this stuff enough. It's fab. 

I was given a little tester of this to try at a Clarins counter and loved it so much that I bought the full size. Again this is another product from my evening routine. This goes on after I've toned and applied my eye cream. Using the pipette I apply 3 drops to my palms, rub them together and gently pat (not rub) this all over my face and neck. I then go to bed and wake up the next morning looking like a super model! Ok that's a lie, it's not quite supermodel standards but my skin definitely has a glow to it and it feels as smooth as silk. 

These 2 products together have definitely changed my skin this winter. I usually have chapped skin and areas of dryness on my cheeks at this time of the year but this year I have absolutely no dryness at all just a fully hydrated face :-) if you can get a little sample of the Blue a Orchid oil from a Clarins counter I really recommend trying it. I always find the staff are more than happy to help you find the right products to suit your skin. 

I would love to know your skin care favourites helping you through the winter months. 

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