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Committing another fashion crime mixing navy with black (I like it though)
Dress-Topshop(old)||Cardi-NewLook (last year)||Tights-Primark||Brogues-Schuh

I love walking.  Its nice, easy, low impact, you don't need to think about what you're doing you just automatically put one foot in front of the other.  Walking is one of my favourite forms of low intensity workout (Zumba is my absolute favorite).  I love sticking my headphones on and getting lost in the music. Another one of my favourite things to do when out walking in the evenings is to nose into peoples homes.  Now I'm aware this makes me sound like I'm a creepy stalker but this isn't as odd and stalkerish as it sounds.  People leave their lights on and their curtains wide open for the world to see and I just love taking a peak into other peoples lives for a brief second.  Don't worry, I don't stand right outside with my head pressed against the window, its merely just a passing glance.  

Whilst out on my walk recently I saw a mother and daughter in the kitchen baking together.  I saw a family sitting down around their table eating dinner, 2 guys playing a computer game, a little boy sat on his bunk bed in his PJ's, a house that appeared empty with every single light on. I always wonder what everyone else's routine is or do they even have a routine? What happened in their day today? Do they have worries? Are they happy? 

It got me thinking, we all have worries, fears, skills, hobbies and we all have some areas that we excel in and others that we're not so good at but that's what makes us individual and although I will never know any of these peoples fears or skills (unless I knock on the door and ask them, which lets face it I'm not going to do that) I will just enjoy observing their lives from afar, through the window, well until they notice me and draw their curtains anyway.

Keep Smiling

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  1. Haha I can so relate to this. Before I had my second baby I used to do a bit of babysitting, and whenever I was driving home I would sleepily gaze into people's houses as I drove past and would get this half jealous half comforting feeling seeing people cosy and warm in their homes. I think this only makes us level 5 stalkers, not full on level 1's :o) x



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