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Scarf-ASOS||Grey sweater-Forever 21||Denim shirt-New Look||Jeans-Hollister(Ryan)||Boots-Aldo

It would seem I have a problem.  A scarf addiction problem.  I already own far to many scarves than I care to mention but when I saw this one on the ASOS website well it just had to be mine because you can never have too many plaid scarves right? Unfortunately it appears to have already sold out on their website but I've also got a lot of love for THIS one and really need to restrain myself from buying it.

I talked myself into buying it as I thought I could also use it this spring/summer as it is lightweight and then when I thought about it some more I decided it would also double up as a blanket when I travel to Greece in May.  I think this was reason enough to buy it, plus it was only £18.

So crazy things happened to my Instagram this week.  Kayla Itsines, the fitness guru behind the Bikini Body Guide featured me on her IG page and I was incredibly overwhelmed by the whole thing.  The support and comments from everyone was amazing, apart from the odd comment here and there telling me that it was fake because I didn't show my face or that I looked too thin but hey I can take the criticism, I know its me in the pictures and I'm pretty darn happy with what I have achieved. The pic she posted has over 40 000 likes so that totally outweighs all the negativity, and we all know how I feel about negativity!

Also how are we feeling about the double denim look I'm trying to pull off here. Yay or Nay? **im still thinking about buying that other scarf!!!**

Keep Smiling


  1. God, some people can be so mean on social media!! It's laughable! Good on you for just letting it bounce off :) Soph x

  2. Your look is totally darling! Denim on denim absolutely works, especially when they're such different shades like you've done!


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