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I was contacted recently by Accoustic Sheep who are the makers of this genius invention Sleep Phones. I feel like this product was made for me (although i'm pretty sure there are others out there that would fully appreciate them just as much as me)  They are designed for the person that likes to fall asleep listening to music, relaxation apps, audiobooks (me, me, me).  So when they asked me if I would like to give them a try I was hardly going to turn them down was I.

It's no secret that I love mindful meditation and my favourite app to listen to before bed is Headspace. Prior to using the Sleep Phones I would just stick my regular earphones in and switch my app on.  However, I am a side sleeper and after a while my regular earphones would really start to dig in which I found terribly uncomfortable. This is the part where Sleep Phones come in and save the day (or you ears for that matter).  Its a headband which is made of the softest fleece material that feels like a cloud and the speakers are inside the headband. I have been using them for a week now and it is just like sleeping on a musical cloud, no earache included.

The sound quality is great, you can maneuver the speakers to suit your head size/shape and the lead is long enough so that you don't have to have your phone up by your head and the lead tucks away nicely at the nape of your neck or at the front depending on how you like to wear them (they actually have wireless options too!). What I really love about them is that they double up as an eye mask, blocking out all the light.  You can also download free music/sounds from their website too.

If you have trouble dropping off to sleep, or like me you just enjoy listening to relaxation apps, music etc then I highly recommend this little fleecy number.  Such a great invention. Sleeping is my jam :-)

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