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Where do I start! Valentine's Day was such a let down for me this year.  You would probably think the opposite from my Instagram feed but this is a typical case of  "life through an Instagram filter".  I like to keep things real though so I will fill you in on the most unromantic day of the year.

I had plans for a lovely day filled with breakfast in bed, a romantic beach walk, a tasty dinner with dessert followed by a movie and popcorn.  Sounds great right?   It was going to be pretty low key as I begrudge paying over the odds for a meal in a restaurant when I can quite easily cook something delicious at home. We had said from the beginning that we were NOT doing gifts this year which I was more than happy with however I did not realise that this included cards also.

The day before (Friday 13th) Dylan had a leaving do to go to in the afternoon. Being the loving wife I am I drove him to his destination and also picked him up, this took 2 hours out of my day just taxiing him around. After I dropped him off I then spent the afternoon at my sister's house MAKING him a card.  We also made little heart chocolates with white chocolate, M&Ms and sugar strands, they were amazing.

After cooking dinner for myself and Fletcher, I quickly threw him in the bath, put him in his PJ's and wrapped him up in his dressing gown I put him in the car along with a little hot water bottle to keep him cosy and went to pick up my drunk husband at 7pm.  He then spent the evening drunk sleeping on the sofa, a picture of pure beauty let me tell you.

So, Valentines morning.  I got up with Fletcher and let Dylan have a lie in.  At 9am I made breakfast for myself and Dylan, after spending a fair amount of time making it look pretty.  I presented it to him in bed only for him to say he couldn't eat a thing, I saw the positive side to this and so I ate the lot!  I then gave him his card...........you know, the one I had spent time making the day before, only to be presented with a big fat NOTHING! Yep my husband of 9 years didn't even get me a card!  I think I made it pretty clear how disappointed I was.  I like to think that his hangover from hell was Karma mwah hahahaha im so evil.

All was not lost though.  The weather was beautiful and so I left my husband throwing up in the bathroom and spent the afternoon with my other love at the beach and it was really lovely just building sandcastles with Flletch and watching the waves crashing.  By the time we got home from the beach,  husband was feeling much better and so we still had our tasty meal and dessert but decided to leave the movie for another time.  So instead I did all the things I love. I had a lush bath, painted my nails, read my book and had an early night.

Even though my day didn't exactly go how I had planned and Dylan's hangover kinda ruined everything, I still had a lovely day nonetheless.  I know I sound like a moaning wife but in all honesty I really was OK about it all.  Dylan very rarely goes out drinking so I actually didn't mind that he did and he is actually quite funny when he is drunk so it was quite amusing picking him up.  He also told me that he doesn't need to buy me a card to tell me how much he loves me, because he tells me every day (which is true, he does) so actually I don't mind that he didn't get me a card.............Oh who the hell am I kidding, where's my bloody card!!!!

Keep Smiling

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  1. Your photos were sickeningly gorgeous. How lovely to read on and find out you are real! Go girl! I love me time like that too! Kitty x


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