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Essie Polish|Penny Talk & Adore-A-Ball 

I saw a French manicure on Pinterest using these colours and immediately had to buy them to recreate it.  It's such a nice twist on the classic French manicure and really simple to achieve.  Penny Talk is really difficult to find in the UK but I managed to get if from Amazon shipped from America.

MAC|Velvet Teddy

I blogged about this lipstick recently.  It has been the 'must have' shade ever since Kylie Jenner announced that it was one of her favourites.  It has been out of stock for AGES but is currently back in stock on MAC online.  Its the perfect 90s matte nude.  I like to add a touch of lip balm just to stop it from making my lips look really dry.

Calcot Manor Destress Buff

Dylan won Santa's Sack at his Christmas do and it had around £400 of goodies in it.  This body buff was in one of the sets that he won with lots of other body products.  My oh my, the smell of this stuff is so lovely and soothing, it really is rather relaxing.  Its also a light exfoliater which I love as it's not too harsh.

Gucci Premiere

Dylan bought me this for Christmas. It's such a lovely fragrance that I seem to be reaching for every day. I find it impossible to explain a fragrance because everyone's tastes are different but let's just say I really love this scent and if you want to know how it smells just visit your nearest fragrance counter.


My sister introduced me to this moisturiser as she suffers from eczema and it did wonders for her. My skin on my hands has been absolutely terrible this winter. Dry, cracked, itchy, flaky you name it my hands have been through it but I've been applying this to my hands and my whole body over the last few weeks and it has made such a difference. It is unscented and intensively moisturising and I'm loving it.


Book|Love Tanya

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on Love and enjoyed reading her relationship tips and getting inspiration from the date ideas. It was also nice to find out more about her life growing up.  Tanya is such a down to earth girl who I think a lot of girls can relate to and its so lovely to see her doing so well.  I've been watching her YouTube videos for years!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical

I'm a big fan of dry shampoo and usually opt for Batiste XXL volume but I thought I would switch it up and try this one.  I only wash my hair twice a week which probably sounds gross but I actually think its better for your hair if you don't wash it too often.  So I rely on dry shampoo in between washes and this one doesn't disappoint.  It smells like a summer holiday and gives my hair a nice amount of texture.


Such a great invention. I won't go on about them too much because I've already done a post on them (which you can find here). I have really enjoyed using them and listening to my mediation apps before bed without getting pain in my ears!

Ryvita Dark Rye

I've been really loving these lately with hummus and tomatoes, cream cheese or peanut butter and banana. They are so crunchy and yummy and a great healthy idea for lunch or as a snack.

ASOS Scarf

Most definitely my most worn item for February. I feel like ASOS do the best selection of scarves.  I love all of their blanket scarves and think the bigger it is the better.  I plan on taking this on my holiday to Greece this year as a blanket for the plane journey and to wear as a shawl in the evenings if it gets a bit chilly.

Featuring on Kayla Itsines Instagram

I'm still a little shocked that my picture is on Kayla Itsines Instagram page.  I feel totally overwhelmed by the amount of love, support, comments (and the little bit of hate, but i'm OK with that i'm strong and can shake it off and that's just social media for you).  I've been following Kayla's bikini body guide since last summer and I've never felt better.  If I can inspire other mums out there that they can get their figure back after having it stretched to within an inch of its life then i'm happy with that.  I can't thank Kayla enough for this guide.  Its been pretty life changing for me.


  1. Wow I'm inlove with that mani! I might perhaps stalk my local Boots for it. And congratulations on being featured on Kayla Itsines instagram - you deserve it! x


  2. I'm so tempted to try Kayla! The only thing stopping me at the moment is my 10 week old not giving me enough sleep but as soon as I'm feeling a bit more human I'm going to have to bite the bullet after seeing your amazing results. Love your blog too by the way, it's nice to find a fellow UK blogger who I have a a few things in common with...I must get back doing that also when I get some decent sleep! X


    1. Oh the lack of sleep is the worst isn't it! I would definitely wait until your getting a good amount of sleep before starting the guides because you need all the energy you can get to complete her circuits, they are killer! Thanks for your lovely comment too. Im heading over to your blog now :-) xx


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