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So since Kayla Itsines featured me on her Instagram page I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my BBG journey so today I am going to try and answer all of these questions for you.  Here goes.

Did you follow both the BBG guide and the H.E.L.P guide?

I purchased both but only really followed the BBG workout guide.  I did however get some great tips on nutrition from the H.E.L.P guide.

Do you need any special equipment?

The only equipment I use is a set of free weights which you can pick up in Argos or any fitness store, a skipping rope, and a mat.  I use a step in my garden for most of the leg work and a chair in my front room for step ups,  I would say that shorts are a necessity as I literally can't do the workouts in trousers without burning up and getting ridiculously hot.

 Do you take protein powder to gain muscle?

Nope.  I've never ever used protein powder or had a protein shake in my life.

Any tips for motivation?

I get my motivation from EVERYWHERE, there are so many instagrammers that post motivational and inspirational posts.  Ultimately though my motivation comes from seeing my own results. It's so important to take progress pictures. Whether you decide to post them up on Instagram or no is entirely up to the individual but for me I found posting my pictures on there meant I had committed to the programme and I didn't want to be a failure or let anyone down that was following my progress.

What does your daily food consist of?

A typical day for me would be:

Breakfast:  Porridge with milk,raisins, almonds, banana and cinnamon
Snack:  Cereal bar (Belvita, go ahead bar) fruit or handful of fruit and nut mix
Lunch:  Ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread, packet of sunbites (wholegrain snacks), yoghurt, fruit
Snack: Cereal bar (Belvita, go ahead bar) fruit or handful of fruit and nut mix
Dinner: I love pasta and rice so dinner is usually something like spaghetti bolognese/lasagne/tuna pasta bake/cottage pie/chicken pie/Fajitas/Chicken curry.

I try to drink water throughout the day, however i'm not very good at remembering to do this and am trying to get better at this.  I drink about 5 cups of tea a day and very rarely drink fizzy drink.  We very rarely have dessert in our house but that's not to say I don't like a good old cheesecake and I love baking so we often have buns and cakes in the house.

As for alcohol.  I pretty much never drink it unless its a really special occasion.

How many calories do you consume in a day?

Somewhere around 2000

Is it hard to stick to?

I personally find it really easy to stick to.  The variations of the exercises keep it fresh and enjoyable but hard all at the same time.  All of the exercises are really simple to do but very effective and you don't need a great deal of equipment.

Do you work out with a full face of make up?

Yes and No - On Friday's and Sundays I tend to do my workouts in the morning before my shower so I don't have a scrap of make up on (obviously) but on a Wednesday I do my work out in the evening after work so I still have my make up on from the day. All of my LISS sessions are also in the evenings when I have make up on but I don't find it has any effect on my skin but I imagine it could on people with oily or sensitive skin.

LISS Ideas?

For the most part I stick to two different LISS sessions that I alternate between.  Zumba and walking.  On the days that my husband works late I either stick on an exercise DVD (cardio or yoga) or dance around my front room like a crazy woman.  If I was a member of a gym/leisure centre I would definitely swim as I love being in water.

What time of the day do you work out? My workout timetable.

This all depends on what I've got going on in the day and I work around this and fit my workout in wherever I can (no excuses). But generally this is what my standard week looks like.

Monday - LISS (after my evening meal)
Tuesday - LISS (after my evening meal)
Wednesday - BBG circuit (1 hour after evening meal)
Thursday - HIIT (skipping - after breakfast) LISS (after my evening meal)
Friday - BBG circuit (morning 1 hour after eating breakfast)
Saturday - REST DAY!
Sunday -  BBG circuit (1 hour after breakfast)

What kind of warm up/cool down do you do?

I have to be honest here and say I don't ever warm up before the circuits, I just dive straight into it and I only occasionally have a bit of a stretch after (I should probably warm up and cool down more often really!).  At my Zumba class however my teacher always does a warm up and cool down.

Do you ever skip a night?

I have never skipped a circuit (apart from once I had to take a whole week off from everything due to injury) but have occasionally skipped a LISS session if i've got a lot on and can't physically fit it in but generally i'm pretty good and fitting my workouts into my daily schedule.

Can you do the workouts without strictly sticking to the meal plans?

I only follow Kayla's workout guides.  Although I have her H.E.L.P nutrition guide I decided not to follow it as i'm not the worst eater anyway and I eat pretty clean already.  So yes you can definitely just do the workouts but I think it helps to make healthy food choices too.

What changes in your weight have you noticed?

This is a very good question because there has been absolutely no difference in my weight.  I weight exactly the same (8 stone/112lbs/50.8kg) as I did before I started the guides.  This is why it is so important to take progress photos because lets not forget muscle weighs more that fat.  I never set out to lose weight as I have always been 100% happy with my weight I purely wanted to get fit, feel healthier and tone up.

Do you enjoy it or see it as a chore?

I enjoy it once that final timer has gone off!!!  There is no denying it is hard work but rather that seeing it as a chore I have made it more of a habit.  I find it useful to psych myself up before actually doing the workout.  So if I know I have to do my workout the next morning I remind myself before I go bed and start planning my morning around it.  This definitely helps to motivate me also.

I hope i've managed to answer all of your questions.  Please check out my original post regarding my BBG experience HERE.  Thanks for reading.

Keep Smiling

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  1. Hey, do you know if it is okay to do gym classes like spinning, boxing or zumba on the LISS days?
    And do you know if it is okay to do sometimes an extra LISS session after the resistance training of the day?
    I hope you can answer me! xx


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