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I received some lovely gifts for Mother's Day this year. One of them being this Love You Mum gift set from Lush. I thought I would do a little mini review on each of the products if you wanted to try any yourself. 

Love You Mum Soap

This was most definitely what I could smell as soon as I opened the box. It's very floral but not in a grannyish way. The soap is made with mimosa and jasmine absolutes and bergamot oil to uplift and refresh. All I know is that it's smells amazing and so does my bathroom now. I might have to just keep it in there as an air freshner. 

Helping Hands Hand Cream

The perfect most appropriate gift for me. I have been complaining about my dry hands all winter and have been going through hand cream like it's going out of fashion. I've heard great things about this hand cream and this was actually recommended to me as well as Charity Pot, which I have a tiny sample of, the last time I went into lush. Helping Hands was created for nurses and for people who have dry over washed hands. It contains chamomile, honey and lavender. The scent is subtle and it is so soothing on my skin, it makes the skin on my hands glow!

Secret Garden Bath Bomb

This looked incredible in my bath whilst it was fizzing away, once it had finished doing all it's fizzing it left gorgeous rose smelling water which was green in colour with flower petals and kinda resembled a swamp haha.  I got over the fact that it looked like a swamp when I came out smelling of roses though.

What are your favourite products from Lush? My all time favourite is the Blueberry Bath Bomb it smells incredible and I nearly always have one in my Lush stash.

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