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It's difficult for me to explain how much being a mum means to me. When we decided we wanted to start a family back in 2011 I literally wanted to be pregnant immediately. I took folic acid for 3 months before we even started trying I really wanted to make sure I did everything right.  After 4 months of trying I didn't need to try any longer and I will never forget how I felt when I saw that little blue line on my pregnancy test and the tears of joy that I cried! Pregnancy was the best, I felt amazing and absolutely enjoyed being pregnant.  I avoided all those weird cheeses your not allowed to eat when pregnant, I didn't touch a drop of alcohol, I didn't smoke and I cherished every move that little wriggly baby made in my tummy. 

I had such a positive birth experience (you can read my birth story here) I breastfed for a year, I wanted to give Fletcher the best start in life and I remember crying for days after I stopped breast feeding, I really REALLY loved breast feeding, it's all that hormone Oxytocin's fault!  

Not only did becoming a mother fill me with overwhelming love for my son it also brought me even closer to my own mother. Just knowing that she too had been through childbirth and nursed me, burped me, loved me, lost hours of sleep and felt all the same emotions that I was going through, it just made me understand that a mothers love is unconditional. 

Fletcher needs family in his life more than ever now due to his diabetes and when we celebrated Mother's Day last year, when life was normal, I had no idea that a year later I would be sticking needles in my little boy, counting carbs and adjusting insulin doses! But do you know what, we've adjusted to this life and now this is our normal and I'm so proud of my little man for being so brave and letting us stab his little fingers to get a sample of blood. He is my hero!

This year we celebrated Mother's Day on the Saturday as Dylan had to work on the Sunday. It was quite literally the perfect day. I was woken to breakfast in bed with gifts and flowers followed by lunch by the sea, a trip to the cinema and a delicious meal at Sam's in the City I didn't lift a finger all day. It was bloody marvelous (there are a few photos over on Instagram too). Props to Dylan for planning the whole day (totally makes up for the crappy valentines day I had). Then on Sunday I had the whole day to see both my mum and Dylan's mum and shower them with gifts. 

Keep Smiling

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